Your First Visit


Quality orthodontic care is the result of skillful execution and high standards. Dr. Bisbas keeps abreast of the latest techniques and procedures in orthodontics and extends the highest degree of professionalism to his patients. Dr. Bisbas and his dedicated staff members will gladly answer your questions and customize your visit to meet your needs.

Getting To Know You

On your first visit, we will ask you  to provide personal information and medical background information. This information will help us complete insurance forms or other correspondence on your behalf.  Your medical information provides a baseline health history to aid Dr. Bisbas in providing quality dental care for you. Please keep us informed of any changes to your name, address, phone number, or insurance policies; and any changes in your health or medications.  We request that patient forms be filled out prior to your first visit and that you bring the completed patient forms and your insurance information with you on your first visit.  We have provided the patient forms for your convenience below, if you are unable to fill out these forms, please arrive for your appointment 15 minutes in advance so that you have time to fill out the patient forms in our office prior to your appointment with Dr. Bisbas.

Download Patient Forms Here

Also, during your first visit, Dr. Bisbas will perform a thorough dental examination to determine the need for orthodontic care.  This exam will also allow Dr. Bisbas to assess the condition of your mouth, teeth, and gums.   If Dr. Bisbas determines that orthodontic treatment is indicated, he will request X-rays and diagnostic models in order to make an accurate diagnosis and to determine the proper course of treatment.   Dr. Bisbas will discuss his findings and answer any questions you may have during a consultation appointment that is scheduled after Dr. Bisbas has reviewed all of your x-rays and diagnostic study models. This comprehensive series of appointments will insure optimal orthodontic treatment and care.

Joint Responsibility

Dr. Bisbas’ goal is for you to have an attractive smile, efficient chewing function, and to enjoy the comfort of good oral health.  Your dental health is dependent on sound teeth, healthy gums, and supporting bone structure, if you work with us, you will have a healthier mouth now and in the future.  We ask that you take good care of your teeth and appliances while receiving orthodontic care.  We have provided a Patient Education Section with guidelines and tips for keeping your teeth healthy during your orthodontic treatment.

Trusting Relationships

In any strong doctor-patient relationship, we find there must be trust between the individuals and total satisfaction with the service provided. Therefore, if you have any questions or suggestions, we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions or discuss any matters with you. Only through open communications can the best orthodontic care be provided.  Long-term optimum dental health is our goal for all of our patients.

We welcome the opportunity to give you a Smile For Life! To experience state-of-the-art orthodontic care, schedule your appointment online or call our office at: 858.755.5363


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